My facilitation work is rooted in a commitment to racial and social justice, and a conviction that how we think, create, and play together matters deeply. I love supporting groups and organizations in building healthy practices of collaboration, action, reflection and learning together.

I offer one-time and multi-session trainings in facilitation, curriculum development, and program design. I also offer anti-oppression workshops, usually with a co-facilitator.

I have worked with the following groups and organizations:
Brecht Forum – Grassroots Fundraising Conference

Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective

Challenging Male Supremacy Project

Columbia University – Men’s Peer Education Program

CUNY Law School Racial and Social Justice Orientation

East New York Farms

Growing Food and Justice Initiative

Meerkat Media Collective

Red Hook Initiative

Rude Mechanical Orchestra

Space-Time Research Collaborative

Transportation Alternatives

United Methodist Women


I have worked as a collaborator with the AORTA Collective (Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance) and as an affiliate with the Interaction Institute for Social Change.


Maybe the best facilitated meeting we’ve had with outside facilitation

Excellent facilitation. Great understanding of different people expressing differently.

Appreciated energy and clarity of ideas.

Thank you for acknowledging tension and not letting it be ignored.

You did such good, thorough work absorbing our culture, nomenclature, issues – felt like there was no need to orient or correct you. Talking points felt right-on, measured to the audience.