I am currently completing my dissertation in Geography (Earth and Environmental Sciences) at the CUNY Graduate Center.

My research is profiled on the Graduate Center Connect New York Fellows page, here:

Selected Publications:

Blanks Jones, J.L., Richardson, I., Conley, J., Donohue, J.L.A., Loomis, C. (2022) ‘All You Can Say Is That You Plan on Being Finished Soon’: Doctoral Student Mothers During the COVID-19 Pandemic. American Educational History Journal (special issue), 233-240.

Loomis, C. (2019, June 5). Schools apart, together. Urban Omnibus.

Loomis, C. (2014). ‘As far as I’m concerned, they’re on strike because they’re against me’: Children’s voices in the Ocean Hill-Brownsville community control struggle, 1968-69. Theory, Research and Action in Urban Education, 3(1).